Thursday, July 29, 2010

remy and lees meets hong kong meets studio 5

remy and lees - lovely pair of pencils... they even somehow match their bikes?

top cafe, too; we like their coffee and lee's delicious home made cakes
- thanks you two!

a very special parcel from billy and hermia in hong kong... they sent us samples from china's oldest pencil co - thank you, thank you xo

yep, that says venus velvet.

thanks henry and joanne!

jason... what can we say?

we still love megan morton

we said we-heart-megan-morton...
definitely the only one of these we've received. thanks megan!

have a look at some of the great stuff on her website - busy lady...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

drilling in other people's workshops (opw)

Last week we went to a great place - Lachlan Colquhoun's Earthling Designs workshop. We saw the smallest Marshall amp we've ever seen (refer sandwich on desk for comparison) and the extremely kind and handy Lachlan did some test pencil-drilling for us. Thank you very much lads. Nick was doing stuff at the mixing desk and putting together a guitar pedal while this was going on. We got to see a bunch of their great custom guitar pedal covers; and now we have an awful lot of drilling to do.

...and more pencils! thanks, Nick.

wiltshire swain, engineering partners, and cartoon pencils...

mark really drew the &%$(* out of that architecture + stuff... love it.

frank waldman from engineering partners very kindly posted this collection to us - beautifully sharpened, they are, too. thanks frank.

zander came in with a ripper collection - thanks for bringing cartoon pencils back to mind. builder's pencils aside, these would be our first four-sided pencils so far, too. thanks z!

studio 5 just keeps on giving

'the abused' has quietly taken up a gentle nest in our collection. we are looking after him and he's vying for a spot in the top ten favourites.

mum... what can i say...

mums are great. thanks mum! my sister and i noticed that whilst we had scribed our own names on our pencils (mine on an angle, even, and pretty illegible) mum wrote our brother's name on his for him... curious. my sister had a bunch of those pencils that have one colour on one end, another colour on the other.

olsson associates tidy donation

thank you, Russell! we share a studio with Olsson Associates and were very excited when these were some of the first pencils to fill our studio drop box.


not only did she send in an absolute little beauty - which we'll post shortly, she spread the word... thanks, Ms M.

We also like her blog.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010