Sunday, August 29, 2010

nearly at 3000 pencils...

pencil count this morning 2703...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

object gallery, the zoo, voting and the family erdeaux

the lovely object gallery gang collected these... including a large anonymous donation (you know who you are, thank you!), some custom tags and a bit of doing not much. we-heart-nyc too:

a neat entry from mr prideaux - we hope the home improvements went well

busting a bunch out for the zoo - how good is the old school platypus logo:

yes, i did use that pencil to vote
and the fabulous karen erdos bought these in from hers and her mum's collections at home - a huge multiple family member entry, thank you very much ms' erdeaux xo!

mysterious parcels

what a lovely parcel... wonder where this came from... that's a lot of home improvement, right there:

and thanks to lionel, wendy, justin and vincent (nice tag work, vincent) xo!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

exhibition studios

it's christmas in july! well it was about that long ago that our good, sagacious friends at exhibition studios sent these to us with their lovely red tags - it has taken us a while to find the right words to explain just how much we like the mitsubishi pencil... there's a big place in my heart for 'es'. some formative years there, and yes, they can make a giant kaleidoscope and a ball machine. thanks karl and jez for sending us es pencils.

jeremy k green. stop it!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

lichens, fungi and a camera lucida

not only does this person make really, really good chutney, marmalade and the like; he also colours the fruit on botanical drawings with this almost flourescent orange pencil, uses a camera lucida - and is the dad of the best person we know. best and tallest. thank you for sending us some pencils stephen skinner!

guess kirsten won't be missing these... thanks :)

they are now hanging out with these guys:

Thursday, August 12, 2010

candy cranks and jay's bike workshop (or candy cranks, special knots and the giant dipper)

emily and jay the champions donated these guys. you can find them at candy cranks or at jay's bike workshop (mountainbikes, fixies, vintage bikes, you break it, he seems to be able to fix it). not only does emily ride a bike like a bat out of hell and write zines (check out Open Mic), she gave us some pencils including a shiny pink number that says: Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Giant Dipper 80th Anniversary 1924-2004 over 50 million riders. All on one pencil! Cool.

this came straight from the toolbox and jay is the only person to have given us a pencil with the tag attached by rope. awesome. look at those knots.

...And one from Fowler's Gap

Juliana told us a wonderful story. She found some old pencil's in her architect grandfather's pencil box, which are probably 100 years old! When trying to figure out who made them and where they were from, she stumbled across an online drafting pencil museum, The Leadholder! What beauties!

Salmagundi Studios

Lachlan (my virtual bro in law and master guitar pedal maker) who lent us his drill press has also collected some little gems from his studio colleagues.

Cheers Nichole

Thanks Nichole for this lovely assortment from Stutchbury's studio.

from Taylor's College... love Mum

You can always rely on your mum to find some good pencils around the traps....

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

the king's school

three cheers for the king's school! this cool bundle was delivered to me last night from students at the king's school... thanks! thanks to their awesome teacher, beck, too - for gathering the bounty. you've helped bump up the pencil count.