Monday, August 9, 2010

studio 5 giving again

this covey of pencils from studio 5 has been gathering momentum (started as a hatch, became a brood - appears to be growing). veritable shoal from sheila alone.
wendy even gave us a cardboard box as well!

thank you, sheila. entire pencil collection from uni = we are trying to think of another word for 'awesome' but haven't found it yet. laura and janine also gave us some beauties - thanks ladies. lucas, we liked how your tag had a couple of shots at getting the information down. and jane kindly handed over a swag of (among others) little tiny green fellows from her lovely timber antique-instrument pencil box.

these are all now looking after 'the abused'.

lionel. true. thank you.

this seemed like an appropriate note to finish on. thanks to the hollywood.

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