Tuesday, August 24, 2010

object gallery, the zoo, voting and the family erdeaux

the lovely object gallery gang collected these... including a large anonymous donation (you know who you are, thank you!), some custom tags and a bit of doing not much. we-heart-nyc too:

a neat entry from mr prideaux - we hope the home improvements went well

busting a bunch out for the zoo - how good is the old school platypus logo:

yes, i did use that pencil to vote
and the fabulous karen erdos bought these in from hers and her mum's collections at home - a huge multiple family member entry, thank you very much ms' erdeaux xo!


  1. Oh I want to give you a pencil, but I cant download the image - it only saves as a tiny one that wont blow up. Can I send a pencil with a different tag or not? Will definitely come see the exhibition!

  2. hi there! we'd love you to, you can make your own tag - or you can send us your pencil and we'll fill out your tag for you. yes, that seems to have been happening for a while, we'll see if we can fix it, but you can make your own anyhow :)